10 Ways Facebook Can Change Your Life

Emily Liebert, author of "Facebook Fairytales: Modern-Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit," provides valuable tips for how the popular social networking service can transform your life.


04/18/2010 11:22:42 AM

I must be commiting what is now call "facebook suicide' b/c I positively do not buy into this whole social networking thing.


04/14/2010 06:32:55 PM

thank you.


03/20/2010 08:59:04 AM

Yeah it's nice to be face to face BUT I've lived away from where I grew up for almost 30 yrs. I had a lot of good friends in the town I grew up in and we only parted ways cuz they raised families and I didn't. Now that they don't have that to deal with, we can have our common roots. I found many folks thru classmates and facebook. I urged tose on classmates to join FB as it was easier to stay in touch as a group. I was so thrilled by finding so many old friends, last yr I organized a all-year HS reunion (which I saved every penny to travel and do this) and it was the best party ever. NOW we are united online ESP thru FB! I've been called the :"glue" of our little suburban town we grew up in. More join every week! As I am barely making enough $$ to pay my bills and can't visit often, this has helped me to have all those friends I'd "lost" to different lifestyles> I am truly happy and over whelmed at how FB brought us back together and is keeping us together!


03/20/2010 03:02:58 AM

You are just trying to do something to say you are good and here it is facebook. The real way is to touch people, internet will never get that, ok? I hope this posting can be seen everywhere on Earth or at least for the readers of your slide thing ... This is the second time I found something like that ... Good website though ... and you are terrific ...