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Is Snape Evil?

Is Snape Evil?


many have noted

, Snape's soul is the key to the entire series. The greasy-haired professor isn't likable, there's no doubt about it. But is he a wicked traitor--or a brilliant double agent who is loyal in his heart to Dumbledore? Beliefnet's Pastor Paul

has said

that "At some point, if someone looks evil, talks evil, and acts evil, they


evil." We editors, however, are casting our vote in favor of the basic goodness of humanity. Snape will be redeemed, say we.

Beliefnet Editors' Prediction: No, Snape is not evil.

Answer: No, Snape is not evil.

Both Beliefnet editors and Beliefnet readers (at least, a solid 70% of you) got this one right. Snape was, indeed, on Dumbledore's side, and all the rumors about Severus loving Lily Potter turned out to be true. We just wish Harry could have understood Snape's true nature before Snape died.

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