Great Books to Give Kids

A crop of new children's books teaches religious. spiritual, and moral lessons to kids of all ages.


12/16/2010 10:29:37 AM

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11/04/2009 01:41:12 PM

If I might recommend a recent book - "Seven Spirals: A Chakra Sutra for Kids", by Deena Haiber and Aimee MacDonald. It's a beautifully illustrated children's picture storybook following 7 everyday kids through a weekend of their lives, while giving a glimpse of the seven chakras and using them as themes for each of the 7 vignettes. And, I think its a great example of a spiritual children's book.


12/21/2005 03:25:32 PM

In terms of a Christmas storybook, I really loved "The Polar Express," which I read to my children every year. Chris Van Allsburg's rich drawings and simple text express the beauty and mystery of Christmas Eve--and the last page (in which the now-grown narrator can still hear the bell of Christmas, even though no other grown-up can) always moves me to tears. Unfortunately, I have to say the movie is not nearly as good. But do buy the book for your kids.