Women Are From Moab, Men Are From Israel

God wants men and women to relate well to one another. There are even a few biblical examples that would make John Gray proud

Have you ever noticed that when you read through the Bible, you don't find many examples of positive relationships between men and women? That's not because our Lord didn't intend itto be that way. Rather, it's a clear testimony to the pervasive effect of sin on human relationships. Probably the most telling evidence of sin's destructive effect on Adam and Eve's relationshipis its continued power to alienate men and women. But there is hope.

There is one Old Testament book that contains a profound example of a healthy, positive relationship between a man and two women. It is the book of Ruth. This fascinating accountopens with a Jewish husband and wife, Elimelech and Naomi, trying to cope with famine in Israel. They choose to escape these conditions by relocating in the pagan land of Moab.There they rear their two sons, Mahlon and Chilion, who inter-marry with Moabite women (a practice violating God's law). Then Elimelech and his two sons die, leaving Naomi destitutewith two daughters-in-law. She determines to return to her homeland, where conditions have improved, and she urges Orpah and Ruth to remain in Moab.


In a tearful departure Orpah decides to remain in Moab, but with a determined conviction Ruth forsakes her homeland and travels to Israel with her mother-in-law. They arrive in the villageof Bethlehem destitute of family or income. Ruth decides to go into the fields that are being harvested and gather the grain that the harvesters have overlooked.

In a fateful event she enters the field of a prosperous land-owner, Boaz. In these remarkable circumstances these two individuals--a poor but godly woman and a wealthy but godly man--are able to look beyond significant outward differences. Instead they see into each other's heart and discover there godly qualities of a humble and loving person. The relationship that emerges changes their lives forever.

I have read and reread that account countless times and continue to be intrigued by what it teaches. Without question it is a powerful testimony of what the love of our Lord can do in thelives of a man and a woman.

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