16 Days of Peace: How the Olympic Games Bring the World Together

In this gallery, Beliefnet Bloggers from all walks of life share their olympic memories, favorite moments and inspirations.

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Dominique Dawes Inspires a New Generation of Women

Olympian Dominique Dawes talks candidly about her struggles throughout her career with the hopes of inspiring a new generation of young women in her book Heart of a Champion. The co-chair of President Obama’s Councils on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, said that she doesn’t need to wear a leotard to influence others to greatness.

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The Fascinating Tale of the Olympic Torch

Every two years, a flaming torch makes its way from Greece's Mount Olympus to the summer or winter Olympics. But why?

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Inspiring Olympic Heroes from Little Countries

Here are five Olympians from the past that showed remarkable courage, strength and talent. Some came from countries ruled by communism. Some were women who broke the gender stereotype, while others never gave up hope. Regardless, these five heroes from the following countries made their homeland proud and landed into the Olympian record books.

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