Kirk Cameron: From Atheist Teen Idol to Devout Christian

The 'Growing Pains' and 'Left Behind' actor talks about his ministry and being a Christian in Hollywood.

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea NobleYou probably remember him as the adorable, mischievous teenager Mike Seaver on the hit 80's and 90's TV show, "Growing Pains." In recent years, he is more widely known for his work on the film versions of the "Left Behind" series, as well as work with his Christian evangelism ministry, The Way of the Master.

Cameron recently released a memoir, "Still Growing," in which he describes his transition from an atheist to a Christian husband and father (he married "Growing Pains" costar Chelsea Noble). He recently spoke to Beliefnet about how becoming a Christian changed his work on the show, why God may have removed "His hand of blessing" from our nation, and the best--and worst--ways to share the gospel.

Watch segments from the interview or read the full interview below.



Life as a Teen Idol


Views on God and the Gospel

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