Big, Not So Bad, Bill Goldberg

The man who made his name as a Jewish pro wrestler talks about his recent religious awakening


03/28/2012 10:06:16 PM

Mr. Goldberg, Bill, I've been offered a position as a "Sports Journalist" on a regional affiliate of ESPN in N. E. Ohio. I grew up in a "Reform" home, as did you? Was married a "Conservadox" lady. A fan of Bruno since watching him during the early '60's. Interviewed "The Living Legend" over ESPN, he responded I seem to know more about his life than his wife. I'm offering you an opportunity to discuss not only what YOU believe are the most interesting, yet possibly not widely known stories of your "wrastlin" career, but I'm offering you the opportunity to discuss how you (now vs. earlier) value your Jewishness. Israel. Your brothers. Your parents. We will discuss any area YOU wish. Shalom. Hope your Passover is happy. You are MORE THAN WELCOME to join ours, this year and/or next... with a large, happy, loving family.


02/20/2002 02:30:05 PM

Goldberg is da bomb! That's so cool that he's a Jew and believes in God. Way cool! I wonder what the big man thinks about all the bloodshed and bombing that's going on in his homeland. He needs to kick some serious Palestinian @$$! I'd love to see him in a cage match with Yes Sir Arab Fat to the death! As President Sharon pointed out that towel head needs to be taken out!


11/26/2001 08:39:17 PM

1781 German Philologist, August Ludwig Schlozer suggested the term "semitic" derived from the name Shem, Noah's son. Semitic was the name to designate these related LANGUAGES (not race)- Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Assyrian, Ethiopic. Hebrew and Arabic are both Semitic Languages. Jews and Arabs are not a semitic race. There is no racial difference between Jews and everyone else in the Meditteranean who speak a language from another language group. The notion of "race" emerged after Christopher Columbus encountered the people of the Americas. "Race" is a recent notion. I believe the first time the word race was used in Europe was around the 1700s.


11/21/2001 03:00:36 PM

What do I believe? I believe that none of the 3 major religons (Christianity, Islam or Judaism) practice what they preach. All 'say' that they are non-violent, but history says something completely different. All say that they are tolerant of others, but in reality they are not (the postings here justify the remark). Perhaps it would be best for all concerned if they 'cleaned up' their own backyards instead of wondering what their neighbors yard looks like. You have to change from within before you can even think of changing another Blessings to you.


11/19/2001 12:49:09 AM

There has always been dissent in the Middle East. For centuries countries have fought each other. Meanwhile, there are other places in the world that have oppressive governments that we never hear about. We all need to remember that if we are going to point fingers, we need to first point them at ourselves.


11/14/2001 10:40:57 AM

Bismi Allah. Hello Doccip, I don't think antisemitic is the right word here, because as I've mentioned before, Arabs are also semites. Racist is perhaps the better term here. I personally have no feelings against Jews, and I understand the Jewish need for their own state. But I think both sides must share the blame for Middle-East troubles. Racism, in my understanding of Islam, is inexcusable, but the Israeli government has been far from a choir of angels themselves. Peace be upon you.


11/14/2001 12:33:58 AM

I am tired of the smoke screen. Saudi Arabia just prohibitted the sale of the Pokemon game because they said the stars in the game pictures had six points, just like a Jewish Star of David. They said Pokemon was a Jewish plot against the Muslim world. Let us remember that Pokemon was a Japanese invention.With all the lies and all the hatred, do you really believe that those nations are not anti-Semetic? I have several Muslim friends. They actually fled countries like Iran because of the lies and fundamentalism. We can be friends because we speak honestly. There is no smoke screen. In the Middle East, there is a smoke screen. They do one thing and say another. Arafat says he wants peace and then says Ramadan should be used by his people for an uprising against the lone Jewish state and lone democracy in the Middle East. Hows about letting the real truth come out?


11/13/2001 05:23:32 PM

Bismi Allah. Hi Payne, Actually, antisemitism is an un-Islamic trait. Racism is condemned in the Koran, which teaches that God made all races for people to get to know each other. I would also like to point out that Arabs are also semites, and that Arabic is a semitic language. Both Arabs and Jews are the sons of Abraham. The conflict between Jews and Arab Muslims is, perhaps, a sibling rivalry gone wrong, as to my knowledge it has no place in either's doctrine. You are correct in that many Arab states have oppressive governments, but this is certainly not exclusive to Arab/Muslim countries. The Far East and Latin America are prime examples. America's foreign policy really hasn't cared about them (dictatorships in Arab countries) as long as the regimes in question keep the oil flowing, which is why many Muslims complain about U.S. foreign policy. Peace be upon you.


11/12/2001 11:13:16 PM

Well, we shouldn't expect Muslims to renounce antisemitism. And we shouldn't be surprised that some people living in say Egypt or Saudi Arabia would criticize American foreign policy because they aren't really allowed to criticize their own oppressive governments. And the oppressive governments don't mind because it takes the focus off them. The U.S. government and we consumers make the mistake of relying on many of those oppressive governments for oil.


11/07/2001 06:58:57 PM

Bismi Allah. Hi Bjose, I think the reason for the rumors was that most Muslims realize that 9/11 would have only hurt Islam, not helped it. Many figured a radical Zionist group executed the tragedy to bring the U.S. into the Israeli way of thinking in the Palistine/Israeli conflict that was frequently making front page news at the time. The hardline military responses from Israel were begining to draw U.S. criticism from the new administration. Add the legacy of the USS Liberty, King David Hotel, and the assassinated U.N. diplomat, and things just seemed to fit the puzzle. Peace be upon you.


11/07/2001 02:54:49 PM

Great interview! It's interesting just when I am getting interested in weight training from the background of Torah, Bill is interested in Torah from the background of professional sports. I think we should have an information exchange. ;-)


11/06/2001 10:49:22 PM

I cannot believe the hateful nonsense that is spewing out of the Islamic press trying to cast the blame of the terrorist attacks on Jews, Israel and/or the Mossad. Instead of repudiating these horrific acts and acknowledging the responsiblity of some of their co-religionists, they are resorting to the same slanderous lies that they brainwash their own people with. If my recollection is correct the hijackers were named Mohammed, not Izzy. That should provide a fairly accurate clue as to the identity of the perpetrators. My suggestion to the Islamic extremists that would like to perpetuate their lies in the US is this; Go peddle your slander elsewhere. You do not have a captive audience here.


11/06/2001 08:02:11 PM

Great stuff! I'm starting to miss ol' Bill... but then, the WWF turned WCW into c**p... maybe he SHOULD stay away!^_^ But if he does come back, I hope he and the WWF recognize what made him so great: he walks in, beats the guy to a pulp, walks out. Nothing more, nothing less.


11/06/2001 06:46:46 PM

Cool! I've met Goldberg and seen the t-shirts and hoopla but never realized he was Jewish. Guess that comes from not being a wrestling fan! What a cool Jewish role model, definitely not stereotypical!