Terre Haute Rakes in Cash

'Moronic marketing venture' or 'capitalism at its best'? Either way, people are making a killing off the McVeigh execution.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind., June 8--Debbie Walker is going to Jamaica, courtesy of Timothy McVeigh.

From her Terre Haute tattoo parlor, Walker has been selling McVeigh T-shirts for months leading to Monday's scheduled execution. She's sold more than 28 dozen white T's bearing a screaming headline "DIE! DIE! DIE!" An equal opportunity peddler, Walker also has anti-death penalty shirts for sale, though most sit unsold in a box in the back of her shop.

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  • With the on-again, off-again execution looking on again--now that McVeigh has dropped his appeals--Walker is ordering more shirts to sell along city streets.

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