06/04/2002 10:25:52 AM

I have the sinking feeling that had we followed some of these suggestions in the past 10 years (or longer), that the people who committed the acts of 9/11/01 might not have felt so desperate about their situations and felt compelled to gain the attention of the world to their plight with such horrendous deeds. I feel very strongly that only if we strive for justice for all the peoples of the world, will peace follow. I remember that the Marshall Plan was instituted after WWII to keep the movements which brought the Fascists and Communists to power after WWI from gaining renewed strength. It took a long time, but the Communists were finally shown to be inefficient in caring for the needs of their constituents. I believe most people are not greedy and are willing to share the bounty of the land with those who have less. To me, that's a message of the Gospel we Christians profess.


05/19/2000 08:29:54 PM

I really don't think Mr. Koppel was advocating an "I am so rich and powerful I must the world" attitude. He was simply pointing out that many people today, both young and old, have adopted a "me, me, and only me attitude". The criteria for success seems to be how much money and how many things can I aquire and who cares about anyone else. I think he is just asking people to look inside themselves and realize that we don't live our lives in isolation. We need to realize that other people count too and we should all be concerned with the welfare of others as well as ourselves and our families. The aquisition of wealth is not the only important goal in life and not the true measure of a person's wealth. We need to put more effort into enriching our souls and not just our bank accounts.


05/19/2000 03:24:30 PM

"Go do it"? In fear of rationalizing, I might just say okay because I agree with most everything that you say, and then will you be content in my effort? I've tried to save the world before- it didn't work and I haven't seen anyone since Jesus who has been able to do it- and even HE didn't "save" it in the way that one might believe it ought to be saved. We still suffer. Our times have there own ills as do others and although I too have experienced life in a "developing" country and find the people in general more "happy" and closer to God- in particular, people are people and the diversity among individuals is the same. I don't think I need to be a political activist to do good and certainly we aren't all called to do that- the business world is a mess- but it's still made up of individuals who may benefit more form an inner examination of conscience more than an imperialistic "I am so rich and powerful I must save the world" attitude.