'The Camino': A Book Chat with Shirley MacLaine

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kyatako: shirley, how long have you been using the internet?

author_shirley_maclaine: A few weeks...! I am learning about it now. I've been logging on for about year mostly to access newspapers, because I'm a news freak. But I wanted to launch this book on the Internet. because I wanted to help spiritualize the technology.

msbean_007: I haven't read Camino..yet, I read Going Within and it changed my life, set me on a spiritual journey, that I hope nevers ends. Can I expect the same from Camino?

author_shirley_maclaine: Yes, but it will be more shocking. Just let yourself relax when you read "The Camino." It doesn't happen until near the end. But perhaps when you go back in time with me, you will feel something familiar.

herbalmam: Shirley, how do you recognize the people who come into your life who you need to help, and the people who are to test you

author_shirley_maclaine: Well, I think all life is a schoolroom - not so much a test as a schoolroom So everyone you meet is a teacher. If you have a confusion about it, stop, and ask your higher self why you drew them to you. You'll get an answer.

pwodonnell: Ms. MacLaine, how does a walk like the camino help you with your acting?


author_shirley_maclaine: When you act, you are creating the reality of a character, within the reality of the play that you are in. When you realize that a walk like this puts you in touch with an emotional universe within yourself, whenever you were there, it obviously helps with the acting.

yoothoo: How can your approach be utilized in a psychotherapy session.

author_shirley_maclaine: I think that psychoanalysis is very good, but it doesn't go deep enough. Psychoanalysis coupled with some past life regression would be very beneficial. I know people who have had a morbid fear of the water, and nothing in their background would account for it, but once they tapped into a lifetime in Atlantis where they drowned, it made sense, and the fear went away.

goldsun_blueearth_45fe: I ran across the movie "Mindwalk" and then read everything I could by Fritjof Capra..are you familiar with his work? I found it an incredible bridge between science and spiritualism

author_shirley_maclaine: Yes, I agree. And science does exist as an explanation of creation. So, basically, science and spirituality are on the same path.

ojorose: Are you going to watch your two hour biography on A&E this Sunday?

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