'The Camino': A Book Chat with Shirley MacLaine

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author_shirley_maclaine: I've written nine books, not three, and I think this goes deeper and broader than the others.

gayle_88: Do you plain on writing more books after this one

author_shirley_maclaine: Oh, yes!

heather_d7: ms. MacLaine I wonder if you could start by saying a little about what a pilgrimage is? I'd assumed the Santiago Camino had Christian roots and wouldn't appeal to a spiritual seeker...why did it appeal to you?

author_shirley_maclaine: Because the Camino Santiago is said to lie directly under the Milky Way, and follows ley lines that reflect the energy from those star systems above it. So it's not really a Catholic pilgrimage - it wasn't until the time of Charlemagne. But people who were atheists took it.

ojorose: Hi Shirley, I read your book during the May alignment of the planets. Your journey was amazing! The parts about Lemuria and Atlantis were awesome!

author_shirley_maclaine: Well thank you, that's a good time to have read the book! I'd like to know what's happening to the pilgrims on the Camino right now, Because we certainly are seeing a shift in the weather since this alignment occurred.

angelxpressing: On page 102 of The Camino, Shirley states "through mind projections we nourish them (plants) as we nourish each other". Please explain what these projections are and how this is done.


author_shirley_maclaine: Ok... I think all energy is connected. And has an impact on all other energy. When you send positive energy out to anything, it's received, whether it's conscious or not. Same thing with negative. So obviously you don't want to nourish a plant with negative energy. Same thing goes for people, and animals; anything that is alive. And most everything is alive, even man-made steel.

kyatako: Shirley, I looked at your web site, I think it is wonderful :) Would you consider a chat room on there?

author_shirley_maclaine: Ok, now I'll give you a little outline of the web, and what we're going to do with my website! I just launched it, of course, and I will have a chat room on reincarnation, UFO phenomena, which would include the potential of abductees and contactees, and anything else anyone wants to talk about. I'm also going to include chakra balancing, and content on reflexology, dream interpretation, numerology, astrology, chi energy, intuition, prophecy, feng shui, transformational travels to sacred sites, stress management, which will include meditation and meditational tapes, Qi gong, the spiritual side of health, and pet spirituality. So, all of that will be growing over the summer! And I welcome feedback on what anybody has, in terms of ideas of what they would like to see.

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