The Bible Unbound

These CD-ROM collections take the Bible and study guides out of their covers and puts them on your computer

BY: Karen Jones


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Ultimate Multimedia Bible Reference Suite
Rhinosoft Interactive
Price: $39.95 Windows/Macintosh
Content: Seven programs on five CD-ROMs
Availability: Christian bookstores and


  • Chapter and verse: This disk lives up to its name, providing the most bang for the buck.
  • Added value: Videos that make you feel like you're sitting in a movie theater.

    The title of this package says it all. Rhinosoft has brought together quite an array of quality software, with an impressive group of explainers, including the man who played Moses and Ben Hur on the silver screen. Charlton Heston's Voyage Through the Bible: Old Testament and Charlton Heston's Voyage Through the Bible: New Testament are loaded with beautiful art, music, computer animation, and of course, Mr. Heston's passionate voice-over. James Earl Jones' deep tones are also available here, on the same King James CD-ROM found in the Zondervan package. And for good measure, it includes the text version of the Zondervan NIV Bible, with no multimedia other than a search engine.

    Rhinosoft also includes Billy Graham: Steps to Peace with God, "The official CD-ROM of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association." "Steps to Peace with God" allows users to see and hear advice on achieving a closer relationship with God, with multimedia elements reminiscent of the popular computer game MYST.

    Actual Reality This energetic CD-ROM includes videos, interviews, and activities featuring 26 of today's young Christian pop stars doing what they do best--spreading the Word in a hip, funky, and unfailingly enthusiastic way.

    1000+ Bible Clip Art With the installation of the "Power Album" software included with this CD, users can view and organize religious art, both black and white and color. Categories include People, Jesus, Animals, and more. The art itself is better than most clip-art packages, though nothing that would win any awards.

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    Treasures of the Bible
    CounterTop Software
    Price: $29.99 Windows
    Content: Five programs on three CD-ROMs
    Availability: Major retail and software chains


  • Chapter and verse: For the Bible scholar in the family, with little need for interactivity
  • Added value: More sheer information than any other disc, including a disc that teaches Latin

    Treasures of the Bible includes two Bibles, two lexicons, and the Logos Home Bible Software Instant Expert Guide, plus the necessary search engine and cross-referencing components. But it's the Home Christian Library Deluxe that stuns the user with the sheer amount of information. It contains the complete text of numerous Bibles, plus thousands of pages of inspirational and theological writings, all designed just like book pages, which makes this disc easy to read. Also included are Bible studies, maps, illustrations, reference, commentaries, dictionaries, and more.

    The Story of Jesus does incorporate a game and other multimedia elements, but this is a serious language program, and heavy going, except for those who want to study Latin seriously.

    For the rest of us, there's Bible Stumpers, a set of games that allows users to play against the computer or each other.

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