The Bible Unbound

These CD-ROM collections take the Bible and study guides out of their covers and puts them on your computer


03/28/2000 07:52:20 PM

I use Grammaphone (hope I spelled that right) Accordance. It is a very useful program for research. At present I am taking a course in Classical Hebrew Poetry... and use the Hebrew Masoritic Text and text tool often. It permits very quick cross referencing when I am preparing talks, or doing research (private or as part of some consulting that I do as a retired teacher). I find that computer makes things very, very quick, and despite some glitches (from my stupidity or minor software problems) it can save hours of searching. When people call up asking for location of passages, etc. it is an extremely rapid reference.


03/28/2000 07:40:20 AM

When studying passages with a great deal of detail, for example, the instructions for the tabernacle, I find it much easier to stay awake if I read the longer-lined, double-spaced text from the CD-ROM.