Letting Go with Guy Finley

Those who turn and run away, who quit when life asks of them more than they seem to have in that hour, prove real only their fears — and this is their sorrow. But let us press on past our doubts to make this glad discovery: the reason we mustn’t give in is because persistence alone proves that Life never gives up on us; what we hope for is nothing compared to the hope that Real Life holds for us.

Persistent painful problems in life are born out of one essential weakness: our inability to direct and keep our attention on what we choose to be in relationship with in the moment.


Here is why a mind awakened to its own native silence never gets into a stew over what to do with any negative thought that appears within it: Just as light makes obvious whatever form is brought into it, so silence can “see” a troubled thought for what it is in reality: nothing more than an agitated noise fashioned into a familiar shape; a discovery that — once made — requires nothing of us other than to just let the pain of it fade away.

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Our True Self longs to be free and unencumbered by self-limiting, self-defeating, compulsive thoughts and feelings. The problem is, at our present undeveloped level, we believe that another person or event is causing our unhappy feelings. We want power over them in the hope that it will give us power over our punishing feelings. Can you see that this approach to self-command is doomed from its ill-conceived beginning?”

Looking for the power to be happy is not found in a person, place, possession, idea, or belief, but through the new understanding that your higher, permanent nature needs no power outside of itself in order to be in charge of an inner or outer attacker. Its strength is what I call the Silent Force. It alone can do for you what you have been unable to do for yourself.

The Silent Force is the understanding that you need not answer to any disturbance within you. Any form of response to a negative state, other than to silently observe it, is always a form of resistance to it. And what we resist persists. You have been taught by wrong example and false traditions that negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, anger, and hatred are something you are responsible for; that they belong to you. You are indeed responsible for them, but not to them. Inner aches and dark feelings are not yours. They never have been and they never will be, no matter how much these inner impostors try to convince you otherwise.

There is no power that can make light out of darkness. Remember this lesson the next time you feel compelled to help yourself out of a dark inner thought or feeling. Remember the Silent Force. Go silent! This silence and inner light will do for you what you have not been able to do for yourself.