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29906170001_5528885839001_5528856944001-vsThe real “Rudy” has been public about remembering coach Ara Parseghian, who passed away on Wednesday at 94.

“He could have shot down all my dreams,” Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger told USA TODAY Sports of Parseghian, the former Notre Dame coach.

Ruettiger’s story about his time with the Notre Dame football team was the basis of the popular 1993 film simply titled “Rudy.”

“He could have said, ‘Son, you’re too old. You have been in the Navy six years. We don’t take junior walk-ons.’ That would have destroyed me,” Ruettiger said.

But Parseghian didn’t crush Ruettiger’s dream of playing football for the Irish. Instead, he eventually gave Ruettiger a position on the scout team.

“He recognized something in people, especially their character and heart,” Ruettiger said. “Years later, I heard that he walked into a coaches’ meeting and told the coaches about our first meeting. Ara told them, ‘He was just one of those kids you couldn’t say no to.”

With a career record of 170-58-6, Parseghian remains one of the best coaches in both Northwestern and Notre Dame history. While he is most famous for his time at Notre Dame, his eight years at Northwestern helped catapult him to that job.

Parseghian turned Northwestern into a powerhouse, despite it having struggled much through their history. The team achieved its only No. 1 ranking ever in 1962, and it had some stunning results during Parseghian’s tenure: A 4-0 record against Notre Dame, a 3-1 record against Ohio State and a 45-13 win over No. 1 Oklahoma.

Frustrated with the lack of resources at Northwestern, Parseghian left for Notre Dame, where he surpassed even his success at Northwestern. He went 95-17-4 in 11 seasons with the Irish, including two national championships and wins in the Cotton, Sugar and Orange bowls.

 After leaving Notre Dame, Parseghian became a college football commentator and devoted his life to raising money for medical research. The Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation raises money to find a cure for Niemann-Pick Disease, which three of his grandchildren have died from.

Even as he left college football professionally, Parseghian lived near South Bend and remained a fan the rest of his life.

Ruettiger called Parseghian a father figure for the entire team. “He gets respect from Notre Dame fans, at least the ones who know what he accomplished,” Ruettiger said.

17520146025_d44d0cc061_bNFL season is almost upon us. Fans of the sport are already taking a look at what teams and players are dominating in practices to see who they should keep an eye out for this season. With 30 teams getting ready for kickoff, it can be hard to search through everyone. What team is going to exceed their 2016 season, and who is being slated as a breakout player? With half of the 2016 season’s 12 playoff participants not qualifying to play in 2015, turnover is to be expected for this upcoming year. We’ve selected the top teams and players to watch this year in the NFL.

Denver Broncos

After winning the Super Bowl 50, the Broncos missed the playoffs for the first time since 2010. The team is now looking to start another streak with their new head coach Vance Joseph and a possible switch-up in their starting quarterback. The Broncos also have a strong defense thank ranked 4th in 2016, making it a possibility they return after the one-year absence.

Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts

Donte Moncrief, wide receiver for the colts, was a popular breakout pick a year ago but was unable to met expectations due to an injury. Moncrief was still able to haul seven touchdowns in just nine games. If he is able to stay healthy, it is expected that he will bring in a lot of touchdowns in the 2017 season.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers struggled in 2016, leading the league in players out on injury. Despite this they finished ninth in the league, losing nine games by just eight points or fewer. With a new head coach coming in, better health, and some reinforcements in their defensive line, the Chargers could experience a turnaround in the new season.

DeForest Buckner, San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers defense had a rough season last year, but DeForest Buckner was one of their bright spots. The defensive tackle player has the physical tools to lead the team as an interior pass rusher and the versatility to kick out to defensive end on passion downs. Racking up six sacks during his rookie season, he is expected to hit double-digits in 2017.

Carolina Panthers

After losing the Super Bowl 50, the Panthers tumbled from first to worst in 2016. While the past season was disappointing, the Panthers still have a lot of reasons to be confident about a bounce-back in 2017. Carolina still has 2015 MVP Cam Newton to lead their offense. With a tightened up defense and a more consistent running game, they should at least be a threat to their division, if not the NFC as a whole.

Laremy Tunsil, Miami Dolphins

With Brandon Albert gone, the left tackle spot has been opened for Laremy Tunsil to take over. The 2016 first-round pick played left guard during his debut season, and performed averagely. He struggled against twists and stunts, which he will see fewer of with his new tackle spot. His natural pass-blocking ability will now be able to carry him a long way.

Lamarcus Joyner, Los Angeles Rams 

The Rams needed help in the safety position, and instead of looking at the draft they chose to look in-house. Lamarcus Joyner will be making the switch from corner to safety this season. Joyner played safety in college before moving to corner in his senior season. The 2014 second-round pick has great instincts that defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is sure bring the best out of in 2017.

Hunter Henry, Los Angeles Chargers

Look for the Chargers to give tight end Hunter Henry, whom the team took with a second round pick in 2016, more snaps this season. Henry was the team’s best red zone target last season and in 2017, he should be a threat all over the field. Henry will have to improve his run blocking if he wants to overtake Antonio Gates as the starting tight end, however, but fans are keeping an eye out.

The NFL is getting ready for kickoff, and these breakout stars and teams are gearing up for a great 2017 season. Keep your eyes pealed for some interesting and nail-biting games starting in the next few months.


For centuries, Israel had been a nation in exile. For six days, surrounded by enemies, Israel stood alone and changed history.

This past spring marked the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, and CBN Documentaries Film commemorates this historical battle with the new movie “In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem.”

In May of 1967, Arab nations joined together with a stated goal to wipe Israel off the map. Less than 20 years after reforming as a nation, Israel was on the verge of extinction. Yet six days in early June 1967 changed history forever.

“In Our Hands” tells the story of Israel’s 55th Paratrooper Brigade and how Israel Defense Forces risked everything to protect their homeland. Featuring firsthand interviews and historical reenactments, the powerful docudrama focuses on the commitment and sacrifice of the soldiers who reunited Jerusalem.

No matter if you recall the historical events like it was yesterday, or you are interested in learning more about the declaration by the Israel Defense Forces and their stunning victory, this film will captivate you.

Pastors, historians, movie-critics, and the public are all thrilled for the film to be released.

“One of the best, most moving films I’ve seen this year… handsomely produced, historically responsible, and emotionally satisfying.” – Michael Medved, Nationally syndicated talk-radio host and bestselling author of ‘The American Miracle’

“… If you love and support the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, I urge you to see this life-changing film.” – Pastor John Hagee, Author of ‘Four Blood Moons’

“In Our Hands is a deeply satisfying experience from beginning to end. Marrying documentary form to narrative reenactment, the film takes hold of its audience in its opening moments and never lets go.”- Seth M. Siegel, New York Times best-selling author of ‘Let There Be Water’

“The greatest evidence that the Bible is true and that miracles are for today is Israel! Your faith will explode when you witness the supernatural power of God documented in this film!” – Sid Roth, Host of ‘It’s Supernatural!’

Get a chance to watch the trailer before purchasing on DVD.

justin-bieber-one-love-manchester-10-1496628248Justin Bieber is prime example of how sometimes the path can get rocky but Christ always guides anyone back to where they need to be.   Bieber was a teenage heartthrob who was rocketing through the pop music industry.  He had millions of fans and stole the hearts of so many.  It was heartbreaking to watch him helplessly lose his way and start getting into some serious trouble.

Bieber has always been relatively public about his faith. He was raised in a Christian home and always claimed to be a firm believer in Christ.  He seemed to have lost sight of that when first entering into the world of fame and fortune. He began to get into trouble receiving several charges such as assault, vandalism, and dangerous driving.  His relationship with God was what he felt had suffered the most.  His relationship with Christ quickly began to wear away as he grew closer to money, partying and girls.

He felt that he had hit an all time low in his life.  He felt that he had altered relationships with the people that meant most to him during. The pop star felt it was time to get back in touch with what really mattered.  In 2014 Bieber was rebaptized in an extremely original way.

Justin Bieber befriended Carl Lentz during this difficult time period in his life and opened up about his life. Carl Lentz is one of 12 global pastors that represent Hillsong Church.  Lentz is based in New York where he works beside his wife attempting to deliver the gospel in a way that resonates with this generation.   At that time, Bieber was living with Lentz and it was one particular night that the star looked at the pastor and emotionally told Lentz that he wanted to know Jesus again and asked to be baptized then and there.

From there began the search for the place that Bieber would reclaim his relationship with Christ.  Lentz was looking for a place that was secluded and completely away from paparazzi. The pair had gone through at least four different locations before finding one that fit their needs. Lentz then decided that he would call up one of his friends, NBA star Tyson Chandler.  The original idea was to ask Chandler to use his apartment pool but the pool was closed being that it was almost 3 a.m.  Then Chandler threw out the idea of using his bathtub.  Being that NBA player was around 7-foot tall, he had a customized bathtub and Bieber and Lentz found it plenty big enough to follow through with the baptism. After the process, Lentz claimed in an interview,” It was probably one of the most special things I’ve been a part of.” Ever since then, Justin Bieber has made a conscious effort to share his walk of faith with the world.

Lentz still remains present in the stars life acting as a mentor.  Bieber has made other friends throughout his journey with Christ.  He is friends with pastor Judah Smith, who is the lead pastor of Seattle’s The City Church.  Smith sends Bieber bible verses every day.  Although it still took some work for Bieber to get himself fully back on a positive path, it seems that he is getting better every time he is brought into the public eye. He has taken to his social media to document all of the good in his life and his renewed, devout beliefs.

Justin Bieber has gone on his Instagram account recently to document some of his adventures and share some valuable messages.  One recent post showed a video of him lip-syncing to a Hillsong worship song called “Not Today.” The caption to the video read,” Let the devil know NOT TODAY! The devil has no power when you know the LIVING God! His name is Jesus!! Why worry when you can worship.” The video was said to have been taken while he was visiting his now long time friend Carl Lentz, in Sydney, Australia.

Another Instagram post he put up showed how dedicated he is to his walk of faith. While visiting New Zealand he took a “leap of faith” by literally jumping off a cliff.  He did so at the famous Shotover Canyon Swing and Canyon Fox Nature Reserve.  He captioned the video as “air baptism.” Although Instagram is his biggest forum for spreading his message it’s not his only way.  The pop star is spreading the word about Christ in a more personal setting, at his concerts.  He has started performing worship songs during his concerts.  In one concert he told his fans, “Mark my words, Jesus loves you!”

Bieber shows the world that sometimes people can lose sight of what is important.  He also has shown the world that sometimes people get off track but that anyone can redirect and rededicate.  Most importantly, he’s shown the world that Christ will forgive and show guidance if that person is a true “belieber.”