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From The I Ching or Book of Changes
by Brian Browne Walker:

“A healthy family, a healthy country, a healthy world – all grow from a single superior person.  This is the proper foundation of human communities.  All clans must have a superior person at the center if they are to prosper and succeed.  Therefore, in order to improve our family, company, nation or world community, we must begin by improving ourselves.

If you will observe healthy families you will always see present in them three qualities: love, faithfulness and correctness.  When we truly love others, we are naturally kind, gentle and patient with them.  When we are faithful to others, we place proper principles and conduct above temporary influences like anger, desire or greed.  And when we practice correctness, we spiritually nourish ourselves and all those around us.  When all three qualities are cultivated, a healthy clan springs naturally into being.

The difference between paying lip service to these ideals and practicing them is profound.  If you advocate high ideals and actions to others but do not embody them yourself, your influence will disintegrate for lack of a proper foundation.  Therefore, you must first instill them in yourself.

Concentrate not upon influencing others or external events but upon strengthening your inner devotion to proper principles.  When modesty, acceptance, equanimity and gentleness become deeply ingrained in your character, they will flow steadily outward from you.  Soon you will find yourself enmeshed in a web of healthy relationships, and in this there is great good fortune.”

Our world is facing its greatest challenge.  The serious problems in our environment, health, economies, governments and families stem from our individual and collective behavior.  The way to improve the world is to improve ourselves.  By each of us becoming the best we can be, the better we can help one another.

Being healthy starts with what we feed our body and mind.  We are blessed with a self-healing physical body.  When we give our body proper nutrition, exercise and quality time in nature amazing things happen.

Give yourself the health and vitality you deserve. 

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Yogananda - Live in the moment








Your success in life does not altogether depend upon natural ability; it also depends upon determination to grasp the opportunity that is presented to you.  Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance.  They are either created now, or were created at some time in the recent past, or the distant past, by yourself.

Since you have earned them, use them to the best advantage.  You can make your life much more worthwhile now and in the future if you focus your attention upon your immediate needs and then use all available information, as well as your abilities, to fulfill them.  You must develop all the powers that God gave you, the unlimited powers that come from innermost forces of your being.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

Have a Magnificent & Prosperous Day!

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There is an old Hindu legend that tells when the Gods were making the world they asked, “Where can we hide the most valuable of treasures, so that they will not be lost?
How can we hide them so that the lust and greed of men will not steal or destroy them.  What can we do to make sure that these riches will carry on from generation to generation for the benefit for all mankind?”

So in their wisdom they selected a hiding place that was so obvious that it would not be seen and there they placed the true riches of life endowed with the true power of perpetual self-replenishment.  In this hiding place these treasures can be found by every living person in every land who follows the success system that never fails.

Where is this hiding place?  The most valuable of treasures are hidden within us.  No one can steal or destroy them.  We cannot lose them.  For the true riches of life are hidden in the hearts and minds of man.

Consistent meditation improves life in all areas; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.  Meditation assists in detaching from the daily “mind set” or conditioning to discover our true greatness as unlimited spiritual and human beings.
I Am That I Am.

Benefits of Meditation:
• Reduced stress
• Strengthening of the body’s immune system
• Slowing of biological aging processes
• More orderly thinking
• Improved intellectual abilities
• Enhanced appreciation for enjoying life
• Greater ease in overcoming or renouncing addictive behaviors
• Spontaneous psychological transformation
• More obvious, awakened spiritual growth

Highly recommended – Roy Eugene Davis’ An Easy Guide to Meditation.
Visit his website and download it for free or you can order the pamphlet.
Roy’s guided meditation CD is wonderful too!  Center for Spiritual Awareness

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Saint Germain


Enlightenment is possible during this lifetime.
Actualizing our full potential and pure consciousness is the ultimate purpose.

We are blessed with co-creative ability,
created in the image of God with the freedom of choice.

We are Eternal, Immortal and Unlimited Spiritual Beings
having a human experience on earth.

Planet Earth is where we prepare for the journey back home to our Divine Source.
Until we wake up and discover our true purpose, we come back over and over again using our free choice the way we want.

Freedom does have a price – we are totally responsible for our choices and conduct.
Out of chaos comes order, it’s the pattern of the universe.

Love of God/Infinite Intelligence.
The Golden Rule…be kind.

“Read a little, meditate more, think about God all the time.”

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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