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Angelina Jolie

faith Atheist
Hollywood bad girl Angelina Jolie has had a number of high profile relationships, starting with her ...
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faith Other
The most successful female recording artist of all time (according to Guinness World Records), Madon ...
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Jim Caviezel

faith Christian - Catholic
Jim Caviezel is most known for his role as Jesus in the Passion of the Christ, and it isn’t surprisi ...
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Steve Jobs

faith Buddhist
San Francisco native Steve Jobs was a technology visionary and a fantastic leader. Jobs had an inte ...
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Woody Allen

faith Agnostic
Allen is a prolific film director with nearly 50 films to his credit, including Manhattan and ...
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Lopez Lomong

faith Christian
Lopez Lomong is one of the “Lost Boys.” He was six years old, attending Sunday morning mass when he ...
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