Celebrity Profile

Jesse Williams

  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Athlete
  • birthday: December 27, 1983
  • accomplishments: Olympics
  • fun faith fact! Jesse grew up as a Christian

American high jumper Jesse Williams is one of the top 20 high jumpers in the world, and in 2012 he will compete in his first Olympic games. A California native who grew up on the east coast, he has been a Christian for much of his life. He uses the Word to stay focused when he is training. He told Beliefnet this about his faith: "I have been grateful and blessed in life. I grew up in a Christian family and was taught my entire life Christian values, beliefs and morals. At a young age I accepted the Lord into my life and he has been with me ever since. Having a personal relationship with the Lord always gets me through the hard times and good times. I am far from perfect but always try and learn and never to repeat my mistakes and sin."


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