Beliefnet Names Ju-Don Roberts of as New Executive Editor

Respected Veteran Web Editor to Oversee Content Divisions at Leading Spirituality and Inspiration Website


06/18/2009 01:35:01 AM

Hello Ju-Don Roberts, I shall like to talk to you NOW! I am one who cannot live inside this skin and bones knowing the truth about much of medicine and our medical care. If this video does not bring you to tears, then you might as well be reporting about the economy for the Washington Times..but meantime, I realized the truth in this woman's confession...yes, even in my limited capacity back then. I had an aunt who later died from breast cancer...such a beautiful woman who helped anything and anyone who moved... who was operated for removal of her breasts and sent home the next day.. and to endure years of chemo and radiation...WELL DAMN IT..its not good enough when people dont even have the chance to know the truth over persons like Dr. Johanna Budwig, or Max Gerson..a Beautiful Truth..whose reviews got blown-over in the chance it would change anybodies lives.. here is that clip of which you most likely already know and which brought me nearly to tears if not for the fact that I moved to Austria, here in Vienna 10 yrs ago..and so greatful to learn about the miracles contained in natural medicine..PRAISE GOD AND PASS THE BRENNESSEL (NETTLES)..this is certainly no olive branch, but surely it is a beginning to lead the people out! Most Sincerely, I am! Theresa Marie (blog under the same name on your site which I really enjoy!- please anyone who wants, check out my story over there!)