11/01/2008 11:34:33 AM

I just added a comment about Beliefnet and I forgot to add my name. Sincerely, Carl John Pizzo (I'm the fellow who mentioned I was in a motorized wheelchair who supports FOX & Beliefnet)


11/01/2008 11:24:29 AM

I am now 59. When I was 12 I asked my Mother, why were the Protestants and Catholics killing each other in Ireland, they were both Christians? My Mom just gave me that look. My neighborhood was multi-cultural because there were many airline pilots so I had friends from all over Earth. Upon observing we saw that All religions were killing each other and yet ALL had a 'GOLDEN RULE' which said in each of their own words ~ the same thing? To us, ADULTS were HYPOCRITICAL! We thought they should 'Practice what they Preached! We made a necklace of All Religions (most) and called it 'We are One' with a Scroll of each of their 'Golden Rules' (years later I gave four to Whoopi Goldberg). I am in a motorized wheelchair now (can walk short distances) but I am going to get up and support you. I applaud what FOX is doing; it feels like I found my childhood friends again!

Church of Some Other Way

03/27/2008 10:00:37 PM

I believe Fox's conservative ownership will insinuate their views into the content. Perhaps it will be done on a small scale at first, but it will be done. It's what they have always done. It's what Fox News exists to do.


02/20/2008 02:55:29 PM

While I am excited for all of you who are the originators and employees of Beliefnet, I am a bit concerned. While FEG is very diverse in it's holdings and its spiritual content, I am concerned at the overall conservative stance of the corporation. My hope is that the very biased and conservative Fox News will not become the major source of news, political commentary or information shared on the site. With such a large base of liberally minded individuals a part of Beliefnet, it is my sincere concern that we will not be free to enjoy the unbiased information that is currently available. Thank you for your information and for the responsible and broadminded approach to the spiritual content here on Beliefnet. Sincerely, Mrs. Amy Parnell